Chicago, IL January 2010

On the morning of January 2nd, my husband, daughter and I hopped the train to take the Halo down to meet the ladies at Café Iberico in downtown Chicago. After we pulled into Oglivie Station, my family went to the Shedd Aquarium and I headed over and met right up with Eileen at the restaurant. Soon thereafter, Angel, Sara, and Kristen arrived. What a wonderful group of women! I swear, I felt like I already knew each one of them. Even though only 5 of us out of a possible 15 or so showed up, it certainly didn’t dampen our spirits (or keep us from consuming spirits. I’ve never been tipsy on sangria at noon before)! The more the drinks flowed, the more in depth the conversation became. We discussed everything from men to authors to Fevercon to body parts (you figure out which ones! I’m not telling.). Of course, we had to take some shots with the MacHalo. We felt momentarily panicked when we noticed one of the black click it lights was missing. Whew! What a relief when we found it.

After thoroughly stuffing ourselves with food and desserts, we decided to brave the 15 below zero wind chills and get some pictures around the city. I must say that Sara was the bravest of us all. She had some sexy, butt kicking hot pink heels on and she boldly went where no MacHalo wearer has gone before in freezing cold weather. I especially love the shot of her strutting her stuff across Michigan Avenue. Everyone was so willing and excited. We had a ton of fun and got a kick out of taking pictures around the city. I’m still surprised I was able to work the camera! My hands were numb after about 15 minutes:) Alas, all good things must come to an end. Well, I don’t really believe that, but I thought it was a good transitional phrase. The truth is, everyone had to go. I am so grateful to have spent the holidays with the MacHalo. I had some unforgettable adventures, many laughs and I made some great friends.

Kris aka Knordeng

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Dawn said...

It's great to at least see pics of you again. It was fun to meet you in Cincy. Looks like y'all had a blast. Sara, those are some wicked heels and seriously go great with the MacHalo! You should get an award for that!!! Love the pictures from around the VERY WINDY CITY that day... 15 below zero??? OUCH!!! Thank you all for sharing!!!