The Mann Family Christmas

Since I had the ZLo in my possession I decided to make it a part of the Mann Family Christmas. I love spending time with my family, especially since I have spent the majority of my adult life living away from them so I really cherish this time with my family.

We invited some family friends over to be a part of the festivities. I wish I would have taken more pics as the night progressed but once the food was eaten and the presents opened it was time for serious game play. My family is a competitive family but in a fun way. We played Texas Hold 'em (I lost), Rockband and board games (catchphrase and taboo) until 3am while eating leftovers and a vat of jelly bellys. Dad had taken the little ones home way before then. Once the guys passed out the gals rocked out a little more until I cried uncle. It takes a lot to pry the microphone out of my hands but exhaustion won out. If I'm going to be a rock star I'm going to have to work on my stamina, LOL.

I hope you enjoy the Mann Family Christmas.

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