Houston, TX January 2010

The MacHalo came to Houston on January 30, 2010, just in time for some very unusual weather. Houston usually does not experience winter; the coldest it gets is around fifty degrees for a few days, if we’re lucky. Jack Frost must have known what a grand event it was to have the MacHalo in Houston, and he decided to celebrate by giving us weather in the lower thirties/upper forties on the day of our outing. As a result, us Houstonians, who are used to eighty degree winters, decided it was too cold to stay and romp around the city for long. We still had a great time and got some good pictures, even though the day was cut short.

We started the day by having lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse, a local restaurant famous for being haunted and serving awesome spaghetti. While we were there, we met another lady who was out eating with her family and recognized the MacHalo, which I thought was pretty cool. One of the men who went, Greg, was the director of public relations at Rice University, so we planned to go there and take a picture with the statue of Rice, but once we got there we realized the statue was almost twenty feet tall, and there was no way we were going to climb it! We settled for taking pictures with William Rice in the background and moved on. The next place we hit was the Sam Houston statue, the namesake for our great city. Just behind the statue was the Hotel ZaZa, which had a huge Z on it that looked almost identical to the Z that Jericho branded on Mac, so of course we all had to take pictures with the Z in the background! The Museum of Natural Science was across from the statue, so we went and took pictures there, as well as the Miller Outdoor Theatre. By this time we had been outside for two hours, I had gone through two sets of batteries in my camera, and I had lost all feeling in my fingers an hour and a half ago, so we decided to call it a day. Despite those things, I had a wonderful, exciting day with the MacHalo and a great group of women and can’t wait for the next event that brings us together.

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